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Listening to the Conversation

A blast of warm light breaks across the dense fog as I sit still. Perched twenty feet up, I feel the subtle sway of the tree and I find it soothing like rolling waves. Just moments before, I was stumbling in a thick darkness, ever so cautious to keep a stealthy composure. Deep down the darkness instilled a seed of fear and it grew with every step. Why was I afraid? I was standing directly in the Unknown and it was as if eyes were now peering from every angle with a wild otherness. I began to imagine what my response would be if I accidentally startled danger awake. Despite feeling exposed among this place, I was empowered acknowledging who was the real danger lurking within the shadows. I was like a scary monster hiding in the closet and I started to imagined what fears I caused within this silence. A test call echoed above and soon after stillness rushed back to fill this space. Holding my breath, I too was suspended in this rest. ...and then a blast of warm light broke and the forest let out a thunderous yawn.

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