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Creating Time and Space Away

How do we define going away, going missing, or finding yourself lost? I have spent the last couple of years considering how disconnection itself can be used as a creative force in my art and it has provided me opportunities to find fresh perspectives and enabled me to experience old places that feel new again. Spending more time away from the computer screen and more time in a tree stand has helped me realize the awkward disconnect that sometimes occurs between the studio and the source of my inspiration. At times that distance can make the creative project, feel foreign to the original idea; or make the primary source of inspiration transform into an exhausted coal gone cold. Its like cave paintings constructed from the ash of a fire build well upon the cave only to bring a burnt idea into a dark place. Yet somehow, some way, hidden deep within those new strikes made against that harden cave wall lives a secret. It is there in the cold and dark harden places faced against a wall that an old idea becomes something new and something fresh. A creative beginning is found, one that enlighten, and despite that nature of charcoal's burnt soul, it comes back to life and if loved can warm again. As an artist who admires the natural world, I find that Love is an emotional place. A place that redefines itself in time, unto which we are left to ponder those deeper changes and asked to accept those new findings. These changes are disguised echos of the same feelings as before it's a place that disorients the viewer and you are either in or out but there is little space to go in-between.


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