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If you are interested in acquiring, borrowing, or exhibiting an original work please email us directly with your contact information and we will promptly be in touch. We cannot ensure that all the works that appear on this site are currently available. 

James M. O'Brien regularly takes on private commissions and will often participate in a variety of community projects. If you are interested in commissioning a work, we prefer that an initial meeting is arranged to discuss the expectations and scope of the project. Virtual meetings can be arranged, as well as direct visits to your space for interior designing.

If you are interested in acquiring a digital image file or seeking to purchase a print, you may see available images below. Not all works have limited edition prints, however, in certain instances specialized prints can be produced.

Educational Opportunities:

Classes and workshops are offered
often and if you're interested in 
private instruction or joining our next
available opportunity please contact us 
to gather more details.

Online instruction can be made
available upon request.

Thank you for your interest!

Contact Info:


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Digital Files & Prints

Below you will find a limited number of works that can be ordered for creating custom prints or digital files that can be utilized for digital projects. 

If there is an image on this webpage that isn't available here that you wish to have a print made please contact us directly.

Thank you.

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