About the Artist

James M. O’Brien (b.1989) has spent the majority of time living among the rural New Hampshire and Hudson Valley scenery. In his earliest years he began drawing and painting and was inspired by the British and American romantic landscape painters of 18th and 19th centuries.

Early success and popularity in his artwork led him in 2007 to
study at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. There he graduated with summa cum laude and began increasing his studies and focus on landscape painting. O’Brien instantly began exhibiting his work across the New England area and started commissioned projects across the United States. Some projects have reached beyond the United States borders and selective works can be found internationally in private collections. Today the majority of his clients have been from the United States, but some of his original works are with collectors in Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Asia.

An interest in academic draftsmanship and classical painting led him to briefly join the Ingbretson Atelier in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he studied for two years within the Boston School Tradition. In 2017, O’Brien returned to the New Hampshire Institute of Art going on to earn his MFA, Visual Arts. Shortly following, in May of  2018, he was awarded the New Hampshire Institute of Art Distinguished Alumni Award primarily for his work bringing the arts to at-risk youth through the Mayhew Program. Additionally, his work was recognized for his educational installation piece at the Hooksett Wastewater Treatment Plant.

More recently O'Briens work has expanded beyond his strict use of paint but the subject of Landscape, and developing a sense of place, seems to remain his primary focus. O'Brien privately teaches and often holds lectures open to the public around New Hampshire. Throughout the year he continues to exhibit his work in a variety of venues and often taking on special projects.


CV and other information is available upon request.