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Connecting Gaps

I used to think gaps were a dead time in space. In my studio practice the passing time between generating works often baffles me. I find myself swimming in a lot of uncertainty, and yet during these moments I am far from unproductive. During these gaps I transform into a bright and rapid lighting strike. Influences start surging in, fueling fires, and swiftly breathing life into ideas never seen within this world. With supporting bellows, and any tools of my trade, I see the clouds emerge. Shadows reveal my sources from behind and l soon see my own shadow adding to a larger index. When I am in the woods I can't help but notice the number trees growing and dying, the same way I see the life cycle of my ideas whiz by. In the ocean: I see the vast freedom available, and the danger of being over your head. In the sky: I see that not all things go up the same way they come down. In the mountains: I see the rush to arrive at the peak and the desire to slow the descent. The gaps are when I can bridge myself and gain access to a ethereal source. I can see my reflection has become entangled within this place and I use my work to further celebrate it's incredibly complex nature. When I looking past the paradoxes, I can clearly see a grander and far more inclusive work currently in process. What is so remarkable is that everyone has a place in this world, to fill a gap, and yet so much more...When I am so called finished I will fill different gaps, but for now I am gladly filling this one. That is why every work I ever start permanently remains at a start, the next time I just begin from a different place.

The Emerging Edge, Photo,2017

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