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Finding a Flow

Often in my practice I find myself returning to common themes. I become attracted to these themes because I believe that there is more room for individual discovery and self improvement. Recently my focus has been a return to waves and water. Water. A liquid state, constantly in flux that is shaped by it's surroundings brings a lot of personal reflection. The way water reflects not just light sources but capturing the influencing objects sounding it further expand my understanding of how water works. In a sense I can gain greater depth while seeking an artistic direction. Water in its many states can present different degrees of flexibility and opposition. Sometimes the path of least resistance is not the shortest method and no matter what the direction water travels its strength in volume seems to breakdown all obstacles. In these moments I feel like Mother Nature teaches me more about the intricacies of the Cosmos, however I never seem to progress further than a weak facet of an rather expansive table of contents. The image above is a 15in. x 30in. Oil on Canvas. 2017.

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