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Installation materials: Cotton Canvas 48"x60", Oil paint, Color changing LED lights, LED tap light, Tape, Lighting Stands and Umbrellas, power cords.

Exploring my relationship with my physical surroundings, I contemplate my innate and natural role, through the process of collecting, exploring, and painting. Governed by a personal and deeply rooted bond with nature, I work within the tradition of romantic landscape painting while experimenting with contemporary tools and technologies; such as artificial light. I begin by conducting experiments and constructing apparatuses that attempt to record the elemental forces of nature; for example, weather.

Following that process, I then create paintings that include both aesthetic elements and physical components of those experimental methods. By integrating different styles of mark making, I further explore how the natural world could possess a native narrative. The work then operates as a new site, where that natural otherness is directly juxtaposed to my own marks, creating a new place where I become further unified with my surroundings.




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