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Sample of works made in 2019

Sometimes there are paintings that are rejected in my practice. These works are dismissed and abandoned, rarely shared with the outside world. 

In this body of work, fresh paint is applied to a previously worked surface, and then wiped away. I repeat this process until new layers begin to build up and merge with the previous layers; thus creating a fresh surface while continuing to expand on the history of the piece. The previous layers could be revealed by x-raying the works or removing the surface paint.

In addition, I began a project of creating small landscape drawings using no reference and working strictly from imagination. These works may be further worked or presented as is. 

Working strictly imaginative has enabled me to explore the connections between the "undefined", as well as, the "over worked" within same image. This caused me to carefully examine my surrounding environment and recognize the different areas of new growth, old growth, and transitional spaces.

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