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Father Daughter DoodLES

Selected Works from from 3/2019-1/2020

The creative process is always full of mystery.

During 2019 I began a project focusing on drawing a series of imaginative landscapes. While studying the abstract expressionist, naive artists, and primitivism I took a more serious interest in the work that my two year old daughter was creating.

We began a bonding routine into our weekly schedule and created collaborative drawings.  Trading marks, we would develop a visual dialog and often our verbal dialog would follow. As we constructed new images we would learn from each other revealing a mirroring behavior, developing cues, and finding opportunities to share what we were witnessing on short forest hikes.

My daughter developed an impressive understanding of emphasis and visual balance that become vital to our repetitive compositions. 
The works were frequently shared on social media, and the project documents our growth over the year.

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