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I began with a controlled application of powdered charcoal applied to a cleaned white surface. (Papers, boards, mirrors,etc.) Then I placed these works outside, under controlled lighting and left them in the dark. These lighted surfaces drew the attention of all the insects in the surrounding area who finished the drawings. Ants, Moths, and Spiders where some of top collaborators. 

The time these works were exposed to the elements varied until I made the artistic decision to move them. The visual results became quite varied. Impressed by the inconsistencies in each work's surface, I began to study how each work  could stand individually or play a part within a complex series. Thus, I began to include different surface elements into my painting practice. Some of these elements might appear like mistakes or scars. I perceive these contrasting characteristics  as natural disruptors, similar to how a single pebble can cause a rippling effect across a glassy lake's surface. 

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