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A Timeless Landscape Tradition  with a
Contemporary Vision


My mission is simple:
I believe that art has the power to change lives for the better, and I just have to work out those ways it can help others.

 Services Offered...

Instruction & Training

Classes, Workshops, and Private Instruction is offered to those who are serious about improving their creative approach to painting. He challenges his students to reflecting on the painters of the past while seeking ways to integrate contemporary tools and techniques. O'Brien will share the secrets of the old masters while helping you individually unlock your own artistic potential. Interested students should contact us for more details.


Interior & Exterior

Looking to change your surrounding environment? Regardless, if you're focusing on an indoor or outdoor space, James and his wife Bridget can help you bring your unique vision to reality. From developing your own space, starting an art or antique collection, or transforming your entire garden space give us a call.



Mayhew From


The Mayhew Program is a non-profit that helps and challenges at risk New Hampshire boys believe in themselves, work well with others, and find their personal best. I have been be fortunate enough to call Mayhew Island home for many summers. In 2019 a painting called "Mayhew from Memory" was auctioned for several thousand dollars with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the boys involved in the program. Prints are available for purchase and those proceeds also benefit the program 100%. Please reach out to the organization if interested.

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